Festa Junina

Yesterday we participated in a Festa Junina at the middle school and high school. Festa Junina is an annual event, related to St. Anthony, John the Baptist, St. Peter, the European midsummer and the Braziian winter! It includes costumes, food, skits, music and dance. The costumes reminded me very much of Sadie Hawkins. All the students wore “hill billy” type clothing and there was a little wedding skit by the older students with a pregnant girl trying to steal the groom from the bride at the altar. It was hysterical!
The most amazing part of the Festa Junina was the dancing. Each grade had their own dance, or quadrilha, that lasted perhaps 15 minutes. It reminded me of square dancing as the steps were all called out in the song, but much more fun! I was impressed that so many of the students knew the dances.





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