Nova Campina Tour

Today we spent the day touring this amazing area. Here are just some of the sights from today.



Last night, we were treated to a barbecue at Ivanete’s brother’s home. It was truly one of the best barbeque’s I’ve ever attended! Everyone, young and old, danced the samba until past midnight.

A couple of observations:

Family and friends are highly valued here, more so than in the states I would venture to say. Vicki and I are constantly in awe at how warm and hospitable Ivanete’s friends have been towards us, picking us up, driving us around, making sure that we are comfortable.

The people are very politically engaged. They are aware of the burning social issues and demanding their voices be heard, hence the riots in São Paulo and Brazilia.

Better quality education is a priority for both the people and the
government. While the education budget has increased fivefold in five years, as in the states, the improvements don’t make it into the classroom. There are some highly successful initiatives, however, that I feel are making a difference, which I will discuss in a later blog(I am not sure how to spell them in Portuguese!)

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