Brasilia Day 1

We arrived n Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, yesterday afternoon after 24 hours of travel. We were greeted by our host Gina and guide Roberto and were treated to a quick tour of the city. What struck me immediately was the futuristic buildings, reminiscent of American architect Bucky Fuller, particularly the geodesic dome.



Like Washington, DC, it is a federal district. The city is remarkable for a number of reasons. Up until 1960, Rio de Janiero was the country’s capital and Brasilia was little more than a desert, with few people and scarce resources. Once the country’s new president, Juscelino Kubitschek, ordered its construction, it was built in 41 months. Its distinctive modernist architecture, designed by Oscar Niemeyer and Lucio Costa, receives the most attention. From an aerial view, the layout of the city resembles a bird or airplane.
We visited two of the more interesting examples of its unique architecture, Cathedral Metropolitana (the city cathedral)and the National Congress of Brazil.


Cathedral Metropolitana

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